Where are we? Woodlands View is situated high in the Pennine hills above the towns of Bacup and Todmorden, on the A681. We are surrounded by moorland in a landscape scarred by industry and mining.  We are easy to spot though, due to all the trees and telescopes.


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What do we do? Currently we are renovating a lecture hall and outside activity space for education and entertainment. Our wish is to share the wonders of the sky, investigate the local history, dig into the geology and help improve the environment around Woodlands View.

We are constructing the exhibition space to showcase our historical and scientific archives of papers, photographs and rocks. We are creating wildlife areas and fencing out the sheep so that the frogs and flowers can flourish.  We have provided land for tree planting and are involved in the monitoring of our neighbouring brook to assess the impact of mine-water treatment works.


Who are we?

Nettie is the owner and project manager for Woodlands View.

"It was my childhood dream to one day work up here but I never believed that I would end up owning the place!" 

Possessing both a GCSE and a degree in Astronomy with over 10 years teaching experience, Nettie is currently teaching Physics at a school in Lancashire.   She has an interest in collecting carboniferous fossils from the local area and a desire to one day see the Northern lights over Todmorden Moor (they have been seen before!)

Wal is Nettie's partner and he has been helping her get her dream off the ground. Also a teacher, but with a background in Engineering, he decided to take a break and put some of his practical skills to use; renovating Woodlands View and making it suitable for visitors. 

So it really is great to see you here. Perhaps, in the not too distant future, you’ll be able to visit us and experience what we have to offer. We do hope so. We’re sure you’ll find our ‘History’ page quite fascinating and the Blog, well, that’s an adventure all of its own.

Welcome aboard.

Note:- This website is a work in progress so some of our pages do not have any content on them yet.